More on the Higgs

Just recently, the folks at the LHC ATLAS lab narrowed down the energy window for isolating the Higgs Boson at around 115 – 130 GeV. A lot of activity occurs near the mass range of 125 GeV mark, marking it as a point of interest for discovery. However, it could be an anomaly – a fluctuation, but that remains to be seen most likely in 2012.  Despite it’s ubiquitous task of giving mass to particles, it is a short lived particle quickly decaying into several possible combinations of particles. It is in one of these decay modes that a small excess of particles is seen.

The Higgs remains the last event of interest in physics or the holy grail. This is because it’s discovery will validate the Standard Model.


The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Is the Higgs boson real? Physicists react

The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Is the Higgs boson real? Physicists react.

This is a good question, I’ve asked this myself. Is it possible?

Neutrino superluminal anomaly observed in latest experiment at CERN-San Grasso

Last week a beam of neutrinos sent from CERN to the San Grasso lab in Italy reconfirmed the superluminal anomaly found in September’s experiment while eliminating a potential source of error. More experiments are planned throughout the next year attempting to verify what could be a violation of Einstriens relativity theory in which the speed of light is the limiting speed in the universe. In the latest experiment the length of the pulses have been shortened to allow for better TOF measurement.  More to be said in future post.

Unentangle Me?

Why the heading Unentangle Me? Well the word ‘Unentangle’
(actually it should be untangle) has a dual meaning for me, one being
the obvious get me out of this entangled mess. The second speaks to my
former profession as a physicist in which ‘unentangle’ is derived from the
phenomenon quantum entanglement or quantum entangled states.
Quantum entanglement quite simply means that a quantum system (system of
interacting sub atomic particles) is described as having a single quantum
state. This means that if you want to measure or describe a property of one of
the particles, then the other particles within this state are affected by the
measurement. gives a good layman’s description if you’re

Martin Perl’s new webpage; Physicists reaching out

Discover Magazine\’s Cosmic Variance News

Well, I lost the previous post. It’s somewhere in WordPress cyberspace. But here it is anew. Martin Perl, 85 years young, has put up a blog. It’s reaching out to the public, something most scientists need to be doing anyway.

E.Chromi; genetic engineering for color applications

E Chromi

This is from the Loom/Discover Magazine site. Verdy Fine – basically synthetic bacteria are engineered to ‘turn colors’ for various applications, like detecting if there are nasty bugs in your stomach. If there are then you can tell by the color of your – uhm poop.

Really quite interesting, check it out.

Between the good and the bad what’s a Physicist to do?

Ok, so I thought I would now have lots of time since this past July when I was liberated (actually RIF’d) by my former employer. With that lots of time I looked forward to: (1)completing a reliability theory paper, (2) getting my feet fixed, (3) going back to a bit of my former physics research, (4) updating and maintaining a more serious blog, (5, … n+1, n+2,…n+∞).

Still seem to have that need to get everything done NOW. I believe this is because my prior job was so stressful, doing the work of two+ people under situations without resources and neccessary design support. It was a waste of my time to have stayed so long, however, being layed off does have it’s advantages. I’ve had some great interviews and there is one likely possibility, we’ll see.

Two days later: I am sitting on my sofa now, flanked by two pups, another pup in his bed in front of me and my 4th pup, 13 years young, is couch potato-ing it out on his red stuffed chair wrapped in his hand croched blanket. His upper jowl is layed out over his blanket. He’s asleep with his GPS collar pouch facing out. I have the GPS unit charging. Akbar is an escape artist and a very clever one at that. He has a whole life story of his own that is marveleous, courageous, and of course I’m going to tell it one day.

This is heaven, and heaven gets better with Jim here. All I want to do these days is review my previous research, hang with my family and friends, garden, violin, do yoga and write.

There is an earlier post on that presents an article; ‘Over Worked America’. The article discusses the consequences of what is happening to workers; stress related illnesses, loss of family time, burnout, etc.

Employers complain of lack of employee enthusiam and loyalty; it goes the other way most of the time, a large enough number of companies in this economy are using up and ditching employees. The modus operandi or profile is the same; employees forced to work overtime for months to years on end due to lack of resources, manpower, or job revision where unscroupulous management decides to eliminate employees forcing remaining ones to take on the extra work. You can only work someone overtime for so long and then burnout, inefficiency, and stress related health issues kick in.

Now, I’m not talking about that really great job where occasionally for several weeks the midnight fires are burning, calls across the planet are happening light speed, you’re up 1:00 am emailing files to the boss as he sits between flights at JFK, etc… This is fun – really, I can recall having people startling me because I was so embedded in an analysis, delivering a fine report to the customer – excellent results driving an excellent product to follow. Then there’s the quick puddle jumpers (prop jobs – planes) to some field site to collect data, learn more about product environment, crawling around a military transport being retrofitted, making sure it’s done right. Conferring with pilots, submariners, field/depot maintenance guys, I loved it. Working a great job is almost like research – do what it takes to get your results – go the mile and then some.