Stop the Spread of Psychopathy—End Hunting and Trapping

Stop the Spread of Psychopathy—End Hunting and Trapping.


What Motivates a Wolf Killer?

What Motivates a Wolf Killer?.

Wildlife Services: Leaked Audit Shows Fiscal Confusion

Wildlife Services: Leaked Audit Shows Fiscal Confusion.

Lately and the plan

Would like to mention that this site has been relegated to archive status for my main site: .

I don’t have the time to maintain two blogs. But do have the time to mention that I am no longer working as an engineer and am back to being a Physicist again.

Online Tools; Distractions for Physical Scientists

Tha January 2012, issue of Physics discusses the results of a study by several groups, UK’s Research Information Network, the Royal Astronomical Society and the Institute of Physics, which publishes The report titled Collaborative Yet Independent, mentions that despite the heavy use of online resources such as Google Scholar, etc, most physical scientists are slow in picking up new communication technologies. For example, they rarely use blogs or websites to communicate professionally or share data with a collaborative group of researchers. The reasons go on along with other findings that were of no surprise to me.

I can say this, granted it is my own 2 cents, but when I worked as a Physicist, we rarely had the time to investigate new commmunication resources or learn the skills. At the time of course, (late 1990s) it was easier to transfer data via a database or FTP site. With new data speeeds, thsi has changed but as mentioned, researchers are going to go with a known factor, so they stick with old communication/data skills.

Hey, if it gets the job done – it does the job. Right?

From Cosmic Variance; Noisy systems and wandering canines

Nosiy Sysytems and Wandering Canines

I suspect Sean Carroll’s Cosmic Variance  blog contains just about anything neat going on in the science world. So being a former statistical physicist and an avid dog lover  I find his latest posting on dog walking and a bit of variance quite amusing. If I ever teach again, I’ll use this scoop!


Sean Carroll says: Science! It Marches On

I know, we were rushing headlong into verifying our current Standard Model paradigm, when the physicists at CERN say, whoa, hold it now; lets just take a step back and look at what we’ve got.

This speaks to how good our scientists in particle physics really are. Integrity in science always requires good data often from multiple repeats of experiments, many heads pouring over the data, and finally consensus; consensus that can be verified by researchers the world over. This is especially important given our bias that the Higgs boson does exist. In a case like this one must be careful not to read into the results.

Go to Sean’s excellent summary of the results. I don’t think I could do any better explaining it and besides I’m too lazy this morning and would like to get back to my violin.